Puri 7

Residential Water Purification System

Price : $29.99 / month
Price: $499.00 + tax


Completed with upgraded technology with water-saving membrane. Puri7’s high tech, integrated filter and housing system makes replacing filters easy, with one-touch simplicity. Five filters (3 pre-filters, TFC Membrane, Post filter), Tank and Faucet.

Model No.


Filter Configuration & Lifespan

STEP 1) 11” Sediment 5M Filter (Up to 12 months)
STEP 2) 11” Sediment 5M Filter (Up to 12 months)
STEP 3) 11” Carbon Block 5M Filter (Up to 12 months)
STEP 4) 11” EFRO Membrane Filter (Up to 60 months)
STEP 5) 11” Carbon Inline Filter (Up to 18 months)

Product Type

Under-sink Purifier

Filter Capacity

50 Gallon per Day


Reverse Osmosis

Tank Storage

3.2 Gallon

+ Once 2-Yr min. required contract period is over, your contract will be converted to a month to month basis.
+ In case of early cancellation, all remaining rental fees must be paid in full.
+ If you pay 1 full year rental fee in advance, 1-month credit will be given to your account.
+ After 5 years from the original installation date of the rental product, we will replace purifier with a new product without any condition.
+ The rates listed above are subject to change.
+ Please contact our customer service representatives for more information.