Aqua Life is responding to the demands of customers who want to enjoy a high quality of life

The WATER Experts

AQUA-LIFE Water Systems, Co. is an expert water purifying company that treasures water as it does life and values customer satisfaction as its central management principle. Established in 1987, our company is dedicated to providing only the cleanest and clearest water—in other words, the best water.

Aqua Life is responding to the demands of customers who want to enjoy a high quality of life, and to actively respond to the needs and changings of the times, our service is provided with water purifier equipped with advanced technology. Not only water purifiers, Aqua-Life also offers bidets and water softeners. To the value and convenience of life and health care to increase happiness, Aqua-Life strives to create a healthier living environment for you through its value, convenience and wellness products.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build customer loyalty through excellent customer service. Aqua-Life offers expert service with well-trained professional service technicians. We strive to provide reliable and efficient service through the regular inspection service system and the emergency service management system that can respond promptly to customers’ urgent requests. In addition, we use the latest technology to provide efficient customer service with management service software as well as website services.

AQUA-Life is proud to be a company providing professional-quality water that customers have approved and can trust. We promise to provide pure and clear water to all of our customers and will continue to do our best to keep our promise.

“I highly recommend this company for all your water softener needs. We also enjoy using our RO system. A+++ customer service.”

“The value of the service was excellent. Looking forward to many more years of service. ”