With our advanced water purification technology, you can be sure that your drinking water is pure, clean and delicious.


Southern California,where we live, lacks its own water supply due to the desert climate. More than 80% of Los Angeles County’s supply is from outside the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Colorado River, while in Orange County, more than 70% comes from underground. It’s a huge budget every year. Not only is long-distance transportation required, but since it’s a desert climate, the quality of water is a problem compared to other regions.

Water is H2O. There are always other substances in the water. The components dissolved in water are often called Hardness, or minerals. Such hardness is never a beneficial substance to the human body.

Southern California

Tap Water in Southern California contains five substances.


suspended solids such as sand, mud, dust, and rust are more commonly found from old or damaged water pipes in old cities such as Los Angeles.


organic chemicals such as chlorine and dioxin that are included in the underground water contaminated with pesticides and factory wastewater.


although it’s a small amount of various inorganic minerals that are found in water, heavy metals such as copper, mercury, and lead are present in water, and they can be toxic and fatal to the human body.


hardness such as calcium and magnesium which are inorganic minerals that causes stains on the sink and dishes after washing, are also present.


there are type of germs such as viruses, bacteria, and fungal parasites.

Choose the right water purifier

‘The life of a water purifier depends on a filter.’ The type of water purifier is based on the principle of filtering water with a filter, because different types of filters are used depending on the water purification method. Therefore, understanding the types, characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages of the filters according to the water purification method is very important as a preliminary step in selecting a good water purifier. It’s also important to understand the characteristics of the local water quality.

In California, unlike other states, it is nearly impossible to filter out HARDNESS, unless water purification using membrane filters are used. And it is also difficult to filter out substances such as small size heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, with much consideration of the environment and various conditions, you must choose the right water purifier to produce pure and clean water. The most important consideration when choosing a water purifier in Southern California is “Is there a membrane filter that can filter out the hardness?” and more importantly “Is there a company with reliable management and service systems?” Because even a good reverse osmosis water purifier can harm your health if you don’t receive consistent care. The key to choosing a water purifier service provider is expert management and service that can maintain the use of pure and clean water.

For your family, pure and clean water can only be made by purifying with a reverse osmosis (RO) filtering system, a membrane that removes all contaminants in the water.

Choose Aqua Life! With our advanced water purification technology, you can be sure that your drinking water is pure, clean and delicious.

Benefits of Drinking Pure & Clean Water

1. Safety – Purified drinking water contains no harmful chemicals that can pose a threat to human health.

2. No contaminants – RO water purification systems eliminate all microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

3. Great taste – With all the impurities and contaminants removed, there is nothing left but the clean, refreshing taste of pure water.

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