With our advanced water purification technology, you can be sure that your drinking water is pure, clean and delicious.


Why is bottled water so popular? It’s probably because the bottle is safe to drink and contains no unpleasant contaminants. There is a plenty of benefits to use bottled water but there is also a lot of reasons you should not drink bottled water. Ultimately that decision is yours, but we’re here to help show cost-effective ways that you can drink great-tasting water directly from your faucet again! We want to show you how to save money on drinking water.

Aqua-Life Water System uses the same water purification system used by most well-known companies such as Costco, Arrowhead, Aquafina, Dasani, etc. That means you can drink the same quality of drinking water as those bottled waters. And you can have an unlimited water source for drinking and cooking, etc. Using Aqua Life Water System is a solution to both health and economic problems.

Today more than ever, we are aware of the benefits of purified water. Over the last several years the demand for pure drinking water has dramatically increased and sales of bottled water have exploded. But there is a better way to have pure drinking water in your home or office – Aqua-Life’s Reverse Osmosis System. The Aqua-Life Water systems provides both an economical and environmental solution to pure drinking water. No more overpriced bottles of water, no more plastic containers to be wasted – just pure and clean, safe drinking water right from your own faucet.

Aqua-Life offers a complete line of water systems and supplies for the home and office, designed to fit your water treatment needs and budget. From under-the-counter “Point of Use” reverse osmosis units to whole house water softener treatment, Aqua-Life can provide the water treatment you need, with the service you want.

From reverse osmosis water purification to whole house water treatment, Aqua-Life’s systems will provide you with more economical, complete systems and services, and will respond to your needs and budget. You no longer have to worry about unnecessary waste and environmental pollution from expensive water bottles or plastic containers.


Benefits of Aqua-Life Water Systems

  • Enjoy endless water without a delivery schedule.
  • Free up storage space by eliminating the need for water bottles.
  • Water is filtered on-site, so you will never run out of better-tasting drinking water.
  • No more empty water jugs on the cooler waiting to be replaced.
  • Reduce waste from single-serve water bottles.

Save Money

It’s simple!
Invest in Aqua-Life. Pay a low monthly rental fee and receive an endless supply of filtered drinking water. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance, filter changes, or service either—it’s all included in your monthly rental price. You skip the costs and waste of bottling, packaging, and shipping water.

The National Resource Defense Council estimates 90% of bottled water’s cost is not the water, but the price of packaging and shipping it. These costs, along with the price of trucks, drivers, and fuel for delivering water jugs are passed on to you.

Aqua-Life water’s rental have no hidden fees other than monthly fee.

Cost Comparison

Bottled Water
Almost any health information resource has the same recommendation about water: You should drink about eight glasses (64 ounces), which equals to 2 liters, or half a gallon per day. That adds up to 2 gallons per day for a family of four. When your water comes from 12-ounce plastic bottles, the cost can be exorbitant. Let’s assume you pay approximately $6 per case of water (and remember, fancy imported waters can be much more), which is equal to approx. $0.40 per bottle. For a family of four, that amounts to an annual cost of:

Approx. $0.40 per bottle x 5.3 bottles per person:
$2.13 x 4 people = $8.53 a day
$8.53 x 365 = $3,114.67 a year

Aqua-Life Water
Now let’s compare that to the cost of using Aqua-Life Putification System monthly rental.
It’s $29.99 per month for an endless supply of pure and clean water:

$29.99 x 12months = $359.88 a year.

That means a family of four can potentially save:
$3,114.67 – $359.88 = $2,754.79 or more each year by switching from bottled waters to an Aqua-Life Purification System monthly rental.

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