With our advanced water purification technology, you can be sure that your drinking water is pure, clean and delicious.



Filter Out hazardous substances, keep the purity! One of the most convenient and economic solutions to drink clean water! Aqua Life’s Reverse Osmosis Membrane Water Purification System reduces harmful substances dissolved in drinking water in Southern California.
This means a sharp reduction in impurities such as radioactivity, heavy metals, leachate, bacteria, bacteria and viruses.
The difference in pure and clean water is the difference in filter technology!


Safe 3-Stage Pre-Filters filtering out your worries

The 5 micron fine filter removes mud, sand, dust, rust and other particles from the tap.

Absorption of activated carbon removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, carcinogens, synthetic detergents and pesticides.


Membrane Filter

Filters out more hazardous substances

Stage 4 is the heart of the reverse osmosis system.

The membrane filter with macromolecule engineering technology, removes up to 99.99% of salt, mineral, metals, virus, cysts, and bacteria that are with size of 0.0001 micron and removes radioactive material to get the purest water.


Post Carbon Filter

Improves the refreshment and taste of water

High-grade, NSF-certified activated coconut shell carbon to produce exceptionally pure-tasting drinking water.

This post carbon filter not only remove unpleasant odors and bad taste, but also actually enhances water quality.


Easily Removal & Replaceable

  • Hinged bracket aids cartridge replacement
  • So simple, anyone can do it!
  • Cartridges and membranes are removed with a simple ¼ turn
  • Cartridges shut off automatically. No sumps! No mess! No fuss!
  • Cartridges are attractively labeled

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